Girl Out Of Time Book Cover
Anna and Mara in flight
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Anna Armstrong ready to save the world
Boyer forefronts imaginative inventions such as antigravity boots and cloaking devices, and astute meditations on fate and environmentalism, to devise a dynamic speculative romp that is both thoughtful and timely.

Publishers Weekly

Anna Armstrong has spent her life dreaming of space travel and exploration, but now finds herself stuck on her Uncle Jack’s research farm in the middle of nowhere, Indiana.

All that changes when Mara, a mysterious time traveler, enters her life with anti-gravity boots and the promise of flight.

But, time travel has consequences — big, scary consequences — as holes in spacetime begin popping up all over the valley, opening doorways to other worlds.

Now Anna and Mara are in a race to round up alien creatures, fight off local hunters, and close those holes before Mara’s very existence is erased forever.